At a stone’s throw distance of 25 km from Jaipur, Ramgarh is a heaven for all tourist activities to be enjoyed. For nature lovers, this beautiful lake is a shapely one with 4 km in length and extends in 2 km in width. The picturesque water body is surrounded with hills and it offers various recreational activities like boating, fishing, and trekking. The monsoons are evident of tourists and visitors flocking to the lake in large numbers.

Before Amber, the Kachhawaha's reconciled at Ramgarh of which the ruins of the ancient fort in there are a testimonial. The temple of Jamwa Mata is the other attracting tourist spot pulling crowds of devotees and visitors throughout the year. The temple is very beautiful and the architecture is splendid to feel. The white washed temple gives an outstanding look towards the lake.

The best time to visit Ramgarh during winters start from October till March. The beauty of the lake reaches its peak during monsoons. The lush greenery attracts visitors in great numbers. The perimeter of the lake is 4 km and is 2 km in width. Boating is enjoyed in this huge manmade lake along with the possibility of trekking on the mountains. The lake is a home for many species of migratory birds. The beauty of the lake seems as if the location was chosen by God himself to be a perfect place for such a huge artificial lake. It is surrounded by a high bund amidst tree covered hills.

While the temple of Jamwa Mata and the ruins of the old fort are some of its antiquities, its beautiful landscape, especially during monsoons, makes it an idyllic picnic spot.

Tourists can always schedule to visit other attractions of the place like the chattris. The founder of the city was the opulent Poddar clan in 1791. The breathtaking beauty of the Ramgarh town has been described by an English traveler of the 1830s in his words. He said that Ramgarh “…..is singularly striking and seems to give reality to a vision drawn from eastern romance. The buildings are all constructed from kunkur [gravel] grey hardpan, …numerous handsome houses of the seths [businessmen] some of which are on a magnificent scale, ornamented and painted in various devices outwardly; the neat high wall and gateways and the chhatris [cenotaphs] in the suburb in contrast with the desert around, altogether exhibit a scene deserving to be allied with enchantment."

A relaxing yet sportive spot worth visiting are the Polo Grounds of Ramgarh. Beautifully located in between the lake and the Aravallis, the polo stables boast for some finest trained horses as well as its polo grounds. The richest town of the 19th century Indian subcontinent, unfortunately, the original area encompassing the polo grounds is in ruins but the locale is quite impressive.

The Shekhawati area of Ramgarh offers staying ideas such as few budget hotels suiting your pockets. To opt for an extravagant stay, hotels like Writer’s Bungalow, Himalayan Retreat, or the Ramgarh Lodge provide a heritage stop with well accommodations for tourists.




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