Natives celebrate all the festivals passionately. Dussehra, Diwali and Holi all are celebrated in the entire country, but in different unique ways.

The celebrations in Jaipur are legendary. The city is beautifully festooned like a new bride. The festival is celebrated depicting the victory of good over evil. According to Ramayana (the Sanskrit epic), there was a demon named Ravan. He was slayed in a fight with Lord Rama, and this ended his cruelty.

This triumph of good over evil is celebrated every year, by burning huge effigies of Ravan and his demon brothers who participated in the battle. The victory is celebrated every year, during the month of September/October.

People enjoy ‘Ram Leela’, which starts few days prior to Dussehra/Vijay Dashmi. The whole story of this struggle and fight is presented through dramas at various places of the city. These dramas portray the entire story, in episodes during eight or ten days. The most awaited is the final day, when the vigorous fight scene excites the spectators. Few depictions are so good that they become applaudable.

The celebration of Dussehra starts in the evening, with the burning of firecrackers. Beautiful colors from firecrackers look awesome at night. After this the effigies are burnt by actors enacting as Lord Ram. This act takes place in big grounds where big fairs are held and after the act people enjoy the stuff displayed at various booths.

The fair embraces many attractions for kids and adults. The stalls have delicious chaats (snacks), ice-creams, toys and various games for recreation like balloon shooting, etc. As the festivity comes to an end people retreat to their dwellings with an affirmation of that the evil is uprooted.




Time of the year : October
Places to Visit : All over India
Duration : One day
About : Victory of Good over Evil
Attraction : Huge Effigies, fireworks & fairs.



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