Glorious Blue Pottery originated in Persia and came to Rajasthan via Kashmir. Blue pottery is an art of adorning clay pottery items. And the name comes from Persian blue dye, which is used to color the clay. The pottery is made using various varieties of clay, and other materials.

Blue pottery products are beautifully festooned using an Egyptian paste, which glazes when baked on low-heat. The blue pottery items are very glossy, colorful and superficially smooth. The procedure of making these items is very complex, and is not easily pursued.

The clay is shaped accordingly, and then it is baked to make fragile pottery objects. Clay is a natural material that contains fine-grained minerals, offering plasticity. Other than clay, dough is used, which contains ground quartz, fullerís earth, borax and gum.

The already molded products are painted with Egyptian paste and baked once more. The manufacturing is quite indispensible as a little change in the entire process can ruin the entire product.

The color schemes used are blue (oxide of cobalt) and green (oxide of copper). The non-conventional colors such as brown (oxide of iron) and yellow (oxide of cadmium) are also incorporated. Initially, very beautiful blue pottery tiles were used to embellish the holy places such as mosques and tombs. Their uses in palaces were remarkable, where Mughals used blue glaze technique in embossing grand palaces. The art came to Jaipur in 17th century, and was frequently used in many buildings of the city.

Jaipur emerged as a key centre in late 19th century, for producing blue pottery wares. Various items of blue pottery are found on a vast display all over the markets, round the city. These beauties add charm to every place, wherever used. Their vibrant colors are pleasant to eyes.

These products can be used to accessories, or can easily be incorporated in kitchen, adding glamour. Various products fabricated using this specific art form, are pots, mugs, plates, bowls, ornament boxes, ashtrays, saucers, vases, etc. Jaipur market, which embraces a great collection of blue pottery lies on Amber road, on the way towards Jal Mahal. Donít miss to bargain.




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